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Automation Services


Solutions for Automation Process

EMA Solution Corp specializes in technological and automation-related software services such as product engineering, process management, warehouse inventory, sales orders control, customer relationship management, etc.

EMA Advanced Solutions offers software services focused on medium and small businesses. The objective of our applications is to guarantee customers an exhaustive control of their production processes that will be reflected in improvements in their daily operations.
We use the latest techniques in computing and automation with barcode readers to achieve constant monitoring from the moment that an order is entered until it is delivered to the final customer.

Reliable Automation Services for Businesses

We have several software to adapt it to the type of industry of our customers.


The most complete software for the control of the production process of your company. It includes purchase orders, sales orders, inventory control, automatic process control and withdrawals orders


Fast and light software for the control of the production process. Includes order inputs and outputs, automated process control, and end-customer notification systems. Ideal for small businesses.
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Software for short circuit calculation in industrial companies. Aimed at small businesses. Integrated into management systems.

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